Hi Darren & Thank you !!!
My game is unrecognisable and members are asking how have I improved so quickly! Driving, fairways, short game massive improvement, handicap cut by 2 shots to 21, and I can just feel massive potential- looking forward to next lesson, and thanks for getting me here.
Cheers Anthony Osbourne. (UPDATE…...handicap now 13!!!!)

Not only can Darren accurately describe the swing and its essential elements, he know how to make it work, and make it work quickly. That is the mark of the best teachers in the world of which Darren is one.”

Andy Plummer Founder Stack & Tilt® Golf swing

I need the thank Darren for today, 
the lesson was informative, educational and most if all fun. cannot recommend Darren enough. See you again soon.

Stuart McGrath (ex PGA Professional)

Thanks for an excellent lesson yesterday.
One thing I did learn from the lesson was the need to be patient...I know I'm making progress & am on the right path. I've seen some respected teachers during the last ten years but none of them have got anywhere near improving my down swing the way you have...in fact no-one has been able to correct my takeaway/movement off the ball...what does that tell you about the standard of instruction, generally.
Regards  Andrew Lincoln

Hi Darren,
My name is Jay Stoltz and I live in Flower Mound, Texas USA.
I'm an avid golfer and started taking some lessons over a year ago from Golftec. After some time,  I was surprise to learn how similar the teaching techniques I was receiving from my instructor were to the Stack n Tilt method. So I began exploring Stack n Tilt and it really fit my game! 
I ran across your series of 5 video blogs on YouTube and was MESMERIZED!!! For me your instruction really "clicked" and resonated. Very well done and thought-out yet simple to follow and understand. I reference your lessons often and attribute your videos in part to helping me go from a 10 hcp over a year ago to a 3 hcp today! 
Jay Stoltz

I have fiddled with S&T on and off for a few years now with limited success. Never really understood the mechanics well enough and hence kept experimenting based on my own perceptions. Your blogs are the most comprehensive well articulated golf instruction I have come across (I am an avid searcher on all things to do with the golf swing) and I now have a good grasp of the mechanics. I am well into senior category (72 years old) and a two iron of 200 yards plus, off the ground, sealed the deal for me during a social round last week! I had been studying your blogs, particularly the backswing, the day before and it just clicked. Feels like a reverse pivot to me, although less so now, as I continue to practice and lock in the muscle memory. But who cares what it feels or looks like, it bloody well works! Working on the driver now and just know it will come once I get the hip movement correct.. Many thanks for your great coverage of this fantastic method of swinging the golf club! 
Leo Hogan Bendigo, Australia.
Hi Darren,
Just saw your 5 blog stack and tilt youtube explanations. Outstanding presentaion, easy to follow and understand. 
Roy Kohli - Many thanks!

Yesterday I came across your five stack and tilt golf videos  and found them uniquely clear in their presentation of the significant fundamentals of the game. I'm excited about putting them into practice since In the last two years I have  been giving a great amount of time and study to reworking my swing--because despite reaching a single-digit index. I was not happy with me ball striking. I have tried a Natural Golf (Moe Norman) and have experimented repeatedly with my swing. Most  recently I have been studying and trying to implement the swing of Matt Jones, and more recently the amateur Bryson deChambeau who played so well in the recent masters. Having not been able to fully achieve their swing, I have just recently tried some changes of  my own that were bring significant improvement. One particularly--that of setting up to the ball with my weight more on my left side. Having previously glanced at the stack and tilt golf swing (probably 8 years ago) I remembered that aspect of the swing. So I googled the topic  and came across your videos. (After watching just three of the five videos I had a very positive session on the range.)  I'm very optimistic about the prospects of achieving the results I have been striving for as I apply your teaching to my game. 

Thank you very much for making this outstanding instruction available to the golfing community.

Gary Lineburg

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